COVID-19 Solutions

The impact of the COVID-19 Solutions pandemic in various economic sectors has prompted many parties to intervene in providing solutions in various ways, one of which is by providing digital solutions for startup creation.

To create a startup requires the right resources and solutions in overcoming the problems caused by the impact of Covid-19 through technology and online platforms.

The formation of the Covid-19 solution through this digital platform not only generates business ideas but can also carry out these business ideas so that they can have a concrete and significant impact on society.

NetData took part in providing Covid 19 Solutions by providing various kinds of technology that can support the business of startup companies and large companies professionally.

What can we do for the COVID-19 Solutions?

IT Service For COVID-19 Solutions

For the advancement of your business we provide professional IT services, and we are ready to assist you in preparing for the digital business era with the right solution.

These IT services, among others, provide high-level security solutions that increase malware detection and responsiveness to business threats.

In providing Internet of Things readiness support, NetData provides network provisioning automation and IoT policy management without worrying about network restrictions that can hamper your business.

NetData is also ready to assist you in cloud service provision. The advantage of using the cloud from NetData is that it can simplify, secure, and transform your network environment to be more user friendly.

Not to forget that NetData will also analyze the basic technology needs of your company so that the availability of technology and your business development becomes easier.


support from NetData can reduce operational costs and is more flexible. Third party maintenance reduces capital expenditures and supports a smarter and more precise IT strategy.

By providing a fast response to any IT problems that exist so that your business operations are not interrupted.

Server And Storage

NetDataSolutions offers you quality, reliable server equipment with trusted manufacturing.

You can also save more than 50% of the cost of purchasing server equipment compared to buying and performing maintenance independently.

In addition, NetData will also offer server assembly solutions, cable installation, provision of server racks and manage services with the latest technology.