Private cloud

Private cloud

Private cloud – Virtualization is a way in which we can create virtual devices and not real devices, these devices can work similar to real devices that also carry Operating Systems, Data Storage Places, and Computer Networks.

This is what will make a little difference between the Private and Public Cloud which will affect the needs of the IT community. In an individualized organization “Private” itself means a person, which means the resources used are private property.

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What is a Private Cloud?

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a configurable collection of compute resources on demand allocated in a public cloud environment, providing a certain level of isolation between different organizations (denoted as subsequent users) using the resources.

VPC is most commonly used in the context of cloud infrastructure as a service. In this context, the infrastructure provider, providing the underlying public cloud infrastructure, and the provider who is aware of VPC services over this infrastructure, may be different vendors.

Why use Private Cloud?

It is clear that having this type of cloud storage will guarantee the security of various stored data. The high level of security that arises from dedicated gear and its single-inhabitant design is the reason why private clouds are perfect for your interests. In addition, you can also add other security systems yourself, such as an Instrusion Detection System (IDS) or a dedicated firewall.

Advantages of Private Cloud in Business

  • Cost Efficiency

For large companies (endeavor) or companies that have the main business depending on the server, such as internet news companies, game suppliers, content suppliers, application suppliers and others, where server requirements reach a number greater than 10 servers or the number of RAM complete servers reaching 80 GB, the private cloud will be more cost efficient than a dedicated server or even a public cloud.

  • High Scale

It is important for each company to reduce risk by starting small first. Private cloud systems make this possible, because cloud storage with private access is formed with matrix registering technology that allows server assets or capacity to be gradually added to a very large capacity.

  • Super Secure Data Security

The database is a familiar facility in terms of companies both on an Indonesian and world scale. The existence of this type of cloud storage is a very crucial database security solution. For example some game designers, health service providers, banking, and general public information that needs to be stored properly will be an important point. But not only that, Cloud is often used for virtualization to avoid data loss that occurs due to natural disasters.