Falco offers pre-sales technical and marketing support through our experienced sales force. Therefore in order to maintain our well-known customer service reputation in the access control industry, our Service and Engineering Support Team strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our team of Technical Support specialists are experts in electronics, networking, database administration and other IT related applications.

FALCO has a complete range of access controllers offered for Falco Web & Vault Enterprise, for your enterprise security needs in small to large enterprises. The simple and intuitive graphical user interface combines into one powerful and powerful – yet easy-to-use access control solution.

Our presence in Indonesia is to strengthen and ensure that users of Falco en products can be served more precisely and faster. And we do not serve installation requests and price quotes from / to end users directly.

Falco En Controller

Product Details Partners Falco Indonesia is dedicated to achieving leadership in customer satisfaction by providing world class order fulfillment and support with internet and business solutions for our customers, partners and sales teams. With more than 5,000 systems implemented in Asia.

Vault Cloud Enterprise

Regardless of the size of your organization, the desire to store people and goods safely inside and outside threats has become the fundamental premise, reinforcing the use of Cloud Access Systems such as Cloud Access Control. In today’s globalized world, our solutions allow multi-site companies the power to manage their systems from a single location, remotely, reducing operational costs and centralizing expertise such as Cloud Access Systems.

At the same time, the Cloud Access Control System offers total mobility, as it is a Cloud platform that allows any computer or mobile device with a navigator to connect to the Cloud Access System, via intranet / internet. It is an open architecture of the Cloud Access System solution, which makes it easy to integrate with several other systems, whether via SDK, Metadata, On-screen Display, or Data Banks.

These services can be in the form of Services and Support such as:

Stock availability, product warranty service, Technical & Sales Training, design consultations and price quotes, presentation assistance to end users, Troubleshoot via phone or teamviewer.