HPE Aruba Switch

HPE Aruba Switch

HPE Aruba Switch  – Businesses that use digital transformation will not succeed with switches that have stuck in the past. Next-generation infrastructure built on cloud-native principles that delivers the performance, automation and analytics needed to support newer technologies and future business needs.

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HPE Replaces the Best Switch You Can Get

Portfolio switching is tailor-made for cloud, mobile and IoT. Scalable access to data center platforms provides the power and future proof needed for the ever-increasing demands of users, devices and applications. Intuitive management tools and analytics internally cut IT complexity by reducing time spent implementing changes and resolving errors. The HPE Aruba Switch is the best switch you can have for your connection.

  • Enable Digital Transformation


Firm, analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy explores why Switching Portfolios was tailor-made for today’s digital transformation initiatives.

  • Switching Portfolios

portfolio-switchEnterprise-level performance, scale and flexibility from edge access to data centers, enabled by a single architecture for simplified network design and management.


  • Innovation with a Purpose

switch-overview_innovation-with-purposeA modern microservice-based operating system built from the ground up providing programming, automation, and analytics capabilities that transform the network operator experience.

  • NetEdit for Error Free Network Configuration

switching-page-neteditEmpower IT teams to manage configuration changes across multiple switches using automation and intelligent analytics, ensuring consistent, consistent and error-free service delivery.

  • Nework for Growing Data Centers

Data_Center_Page-Module-5Modernize your data center network with simple automation, predictive analytics and an ever-available high availability infrastructure.

The microservices architecture promotes programmable capability and automation while enabling always-on networks, even during upgrades. Modern operating systems are built on microservices architectures to automate and simplify IT operations. The AOS-CX also provides full network analytics and full programming capabilities to enable complete network assurance.

Implement a single platform with consistent cable speed performance and operator experience from edge access to the data center. The robust distributed architecture supports scalable and non-blocking performance to prove the future of your network for future unpredictable demands. Versatile chassis 5 and 10 slots support speeds of up to 100 GbE, high-power PoE, multi-gigabit Ethernet, and redundant management, power, and fans for highly available networks.

Real-time visibility across the network with analytics on every switch helps resolve issues before operations are affected.