Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression system is an integral device for fire protection in special rooms today. Server space and data center have a very big role for the sustainability of a company or agency. Suppression systems for servers and data centers must meet safe quality in the air, this rule is in the document NFPA 75 Standard for Protection of Information Technology.

Planning, installation, and maintenance must comply with applicable standards, because suppression media can be dangerous if not designed properly. There are at least 2 fire fighting methods in the server room that can be applied.

Below will be explained 2 methods / systems commonly used in companies. This is done through the extinguishing agent media by removing one part of the fire triangle so as to stop the cause of burning in a building.

The system is now a liability in several industries because it is able to prevent loss and damage caused by fire. The use of fire suppression systems is applied to areas with high fire rates or in areas containing valuable assets that are vulnerable to water.

Fire suppression system oxygen reduction method. This method uses Argon / Nitrogen and sometimes a little CO2 element to replace Oxygen in the Server Room. This method reduces oxygen to a level below 15%, so the fire cannot continue the chemical reaction to continue combustion. This design must pay attention to the safety of personnel to stay above the 12% level. At this level humans can still maintain their breath in order to live.

Fire suppression system cooling method. Most chemical / synthetic fire extinguishing agents have several cooling mechanisms. These systems generally use less gas and do not significantly reduce oxygen levels. However, because this agent is a chemical substance, high doses can of course be toxic. therefore, correct design is absolutely necessary. Synthetic fire suppression systems will emit media from 10 seconds – 1 minute depending on the capacity of the media used. The low pressure of the system is only 25 bar to 42 bar.